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I have been hearing from various sources that certain cons are having an issue where female cosplayers are either being taken advantage because of (or being photographed) in outfits that are generally physically compromising to their privacy in a way that would be acceptable in the innocent environment of a convention but not in an audience that has been infiltrating conventions to take advantage of the female cosplayers.I've seen some stories from both sides and I have to say: this is something that should be avoided at all costs, at the discretion of the potential victim.At the very least consult a friend to reach a conclusion on who to tell.I don't want any more of those scary stories posted anywhere and I don't want anyone to be a part of any of those scary stories.Also, unless it really is stellar, "I just admire your craftsmanship" is a lame and mostly unacceptable answer, et al: "I'm thinking about getting into the series," "I haven't gotten far enough to know who it is but I think I will appreciate this when I do," "A friend wanted me to take the photo for him, but he just left," "Ah... It's up to you: either break off the deal or proceed with extreme vigilance and caution, and pay attention to his angles (See tip 4).2: [color:purple]Stick to your own hotel rooms.[/color] I bed offsite for cons, so I don't know what goes on in the Sheraton, but parties are really a bad idea.Being well-informed and safe is very important - but there's no reason to be paranoid, either.

If they really are a problem, you should know and be able to report the problem to an authority figure, like the staff, security, or if it's off-grounds, the police.

[color:purple]Only go to your own hotel room, and not another person's.[/color] Even if you're invited to a friend's room, that friend could have a different social group and different rules than your roommates and this could put you in an uncomfortable or even dangerous environment. Hotels can be scary if you go to the ice box alone, lose your way, and a "friendly" person tries to "help" you.