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09-Jun-2017 00:20

to trade narrative-driven messages with a bot by responding with a highlighted keyword. " the bot will ask, perhaps followed by "Thinking about taking a BATH and getting into BED." Each word will take you through a different narrative thread, complete with blush-worthy images (from the very NSFW dick pics to even more NSFW money shots) and lip-biting sentiments.But this isn't just a game about feeling sexy; it's a narrative with something to share about multiplicity and how we connect with others.

It uses an engine called txtr, a mix of Python and web-based SMS services, to turn texts into a game.

If you were an engine I would be your fuel injector. Is that a mirror in your anodized Titanium exterior plating? "I bet I can decrypt your code" Is 2GB really your maximum RAM capacity? "I can't Force Quit You" Youtube Myspace and i'll Google your Yahoo! Your lips say 0 but your eyes say 1 I've got a case of WD-40 in the back, wanna get drunk? Let's lose ourselves in some mindless repetitive tasks.... When you flash your software, my floppy becomes a hard drive. Was that my CPU malfunctioning or did I just feel a spark between us?

roses are #FF0000 / violets are #0000FF / all my base / belong to you. I need you to load your floppy disk into my hard drive. You must be tired because you've been running your code through my cpu all night Hey baby, my name's Vista, can I crash at your place tonight!

Sexting is a way to pass a boring ride on the train home with someone in another neighborhood.

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But it's also another barrier to talking with people less than an arm's reach away. Living tissue over metal Bellend-oskeleton I'll show you my source code if you show me yours Hey baby, I am backward compatible, to service all your legacy needs.

With a little trickery, it's not terribly hard to get Cleverbot to reveal the limits of its programming.… continue reading »

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