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In either case, we will have to write to you and tell you that if you want the records considered you will have to get them and send them. The letter may also include specific requests from your local regional office for information.

In the worse case this can add two to three months to the process. Read it carefully for specific requests for information from us.

It is my experience that many times–maybe even most–when VA sends a release a private provider, the provider ignores the request.

If the provider does respond, many times they will ask that we pay them in advance for the records. The first thing you will get from VA once you file your claim is a lengthy letter commonly referred to as a “VCAA letter.” This is a letter required by the law that tells you what we will do, what you will be expected to do, and in very general terms tell you how we will decide.

Don’t claim things like personality disorders, baldness, the fact that you wear glasses, or similar kinds of things because they are considered “constitutional or developmental abnormalities” that you would have gotten whether or not you were in service. Don’t claim lab results like hematuria (blood in the urine) or high cholesterol. On the other hand, you should claim pseudofolliculitis barbae (a skin condition that affects some black people). If private providers have treated you, get the records and send them to us.

Normally, decisions are available about two months after you separate or retire. If you are still on active duty but have less than 60 days to go, you can still file a “Quick Start” claim.

Additionally, legal requirements can sometimes be confusing and time consuming.

To have the best experience possible I recommend the following: 1.

You should not claim acute disabilities or illnesses you had in service unless they left a residual.

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For example, if you got the flu in service and got over it, the claim will be denied.On the other hand if you broke your leg and recovered from it you should claim that because the fracture, if found on x-ray, can be service connected.

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