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17-Oct-2017 00:34

Bottom Line: It’s better to invest time meeting more people you REALLY like than spending the time going on average/bad dates that don’t really excite you.There’s the classic advice to get out there more, but I think too often people interpret this as meaning “just get out the house”.Apart from actually failing to get out there enough, the people stuck in the “lonely and single” trap usually get in a rut because they lose their drive to be sociable and actually meet people.

Which brings me to the third point: And not just any single friends.

Now in my late twenties, the gulf between the mindset of my single friends and those in long-term relationships is vast.

As a single person who wants to get out there, it’s on you to be actively putting yourself in situations where you’ll meet more people in your everyday life.

If that’s your style, a spreadsheet might come in handy.

Stephen Hussey Being a single guy in a big city, I’ve learned a few things about what it takes to build a good dating life. I’ve had “busy” periods where I’ve been on several dates in a week and hooked up with new people regularly, and periods where ABSOLUTELY nothing happened and I’ve been home in my flat on a Friday night wondering, “Am I the only person in London not getting laid right now?!

You need friends who want to go out more and actively bring you into new environments.