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18-Nov-2017 05:29

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If you're new and want a full overhaul, I would suggest a bootcamp or otherwise, because his products do have a tendency to make it hard to get off your ass and socialize.However, if you already have a small baseline of game, or just a f*ck it attitude where you will try anything to learn, then his products are great since you can pick out a product for whatever holes in your game you have. particularly valueable are: Mastery (for massive inner game transformation) and Sexual Communication (for opening mens eyes to a language so few of them even realize exists...) So after 5 disks all I can say is THUMBS DOWN.There is nothing you will have to memorize or study. It's not like when we were cave men, that you had a restricted number of women to seduce and build a family.

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Before he started he made sure to rip on TD and the David Bowie opener. That is one mad funny cat but he really didn’t say anything that he didn’t already say in the cliff's list DVD's.

At this point (after watching almost all of his dvds, I have a few left but I have watched well over 50 percent), I have to say he is very good at inner game but he offers little else. Ben, a guest speaker, was just talking about random garbage.

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