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Az Oi wuz a goin' to Nottinham faire, A ridin' on horseback upon a gray maire, Wid a lang mane and tail and a wishp on her back, Divil a haire wuz upon her that wuzn't coal-black OI mit a king and queen and a comp'ny a-morewid a nate little dhrummer bye, dhrummin' before Oh a nate little dhrummer bye batin his dhrum, Wid his heels in his pockets, before me did run. Morgan ̶ ̶ So the story goes, an Irishman by thename of Kelly fell from the top of a building in process ofconstruction and broke his neck. Opdyke ̶ ̶ Scene ̶ ̶ A bridal chamber; fresh country couple; gasblown out and stench accumulatin. Her presence calling to mindthe gossip, a committee of two ̶ ̶ an old deacon and a youngusher ̶ ̶ were appointed to wait on the young lady in thematter. "The next night I was passin' thedoor, and there was Mary Ann on the bed and she withouta stitch of clothes on her, and she still winkin' and smilin'. The old man was financially comfortable, butthe association had been so long and so endearing that themembers of the church felt that they must make him somepartying demonstration, presentations, etc.Oi bowed meself down to His Majesty's Grace, And Oi axed him the road, for Oi knew not the place. The contractor came up,expressed his regret in extravagant phrase, and instructing Dennis O'Grady to inform the widow of the accident, triedto impress the messenger with the idea that the sad news must be broken gently. When he reached the domicile of the late Kelley he knocked, and when Mrs. The rest of you need not be bashful ̶ ̶ and they were not. The committee started for the organ gallery, butstopped on the way to settle the question as to whichshould do the talking. After some arguments, pro and con, the young man gavein, overcame his bashfulness in measure, and approach-ing the girl, touched her on the shoulder, and intimatedthat he would like some private conversation on a delicatepersonal matter. Cooke ̶ ̶ During an entertainment given by a slight-of-hand performer. On the brink of a brooklet a young maiden leans, Sighing, "Bill, Oh come Bill, Oh come Bill, Oh! "I went to my room, but, Ohthe bad thoughts I had." "Well, Well," says the priest, anxiously. Among others who were looking for a presentable giftwas a young lady who represented a Sunday-school class.I will endeavorbriefly to state the cause of the organization of this body.Since primeval man and his traditions have passed into thegreat has been, and modern civilization with its writtenlanguage and its history has appeared upon the stage oflife, man has been led to the study of man from the planeof reason.

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It was custom ofthe girls to take off said bangs and frizzes and put them inthe table drawers while at work. The King ̶ ̶ Gentlemen, there is both truth and poetry inthe old song. "Mac eyed it critically for a moment, and then replied:"Yes, I see. Then one showeda strawberry on her arm, another a cherry on her breast,still another a bee on her thigh.Every-one stopped work and looked in silent awe upon the angryman. At last the eyes of all turnedrather inquiringly to the lady from the country. Bolton ̶ ̶ It is that story of the young lady organist. "Yer not a horse but yer ahorse's arse." Wheaton ̶ ̶ That reminds me of the sotry of the old Irish woman who saw the clown exhibiting his feats (nothis feet) to the priest, turning summersaults back andforth.